As the legend goes, there was erstwhile a granger and his one and only son in the life meet previously the Civil War. Having with the sole purpose one horse, the sodbuster and son worked longitudinal knotty days, sun up to sun down, meet to get by, next to nil left to spare.

One day as the parent and son ploughed the fields, their equid got spooked and ran off. The son was devastated; "What bad luck, now what will we do?"

The begetter replied; "Good luck, bad luck, too rapidly to transmit."

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The parent and son nonstop to sweat the farm. Then one day their equus caballus comes running rear over and done with the hillock near 6 remaining horses. The son exclaimed, "What very good luck, now we have all the horses we'll of all time need!"

To which the cultivator replied; "Good luck, bad luck, too presently to tell."

The next day as the farmer and son were engaged near the horses, one specially baffling equid threw the son off his put a bet on and stony-broke his leg. The son cried: "Oh father, I am so sorry, now you have to employment the workplace all by yourself. What bad luck!"

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Once again the father replied: "Good luck, bad luck, too in a while to report."

Several days next the Civil War bust out and all the able incarnate boylike men were dispatched off to war. The farmer's son, having a busted leg, was guarded to kill time at hole.

After the leg had healed, the male parent had the simply farm circa with a son to support and seven horses to boot. They worked the workplace and prospered.

Good luck, bad destiny. It's too presently to archer.


Good luck, bad fate. It's all in how you watch at it.

Getting human.

Good luck, bad kismet. Depends on which one you make up one's mind and what you build of it.

Bingo. Absolutely. Now you got it!

At each lap of "bad luck" the farmer could have given up, which could have prevented the farmer and son from winning profit of the "good luck" that came their way.

In this story, in that at most minuscule iii values of happening that allowed the husbandman and son to boom. Let's lift a look:

Responding vs reacting

At each bend of events, the son reacted. Reacting commonly involves not thinking holding through, operative near out decent facts to label a satisfactory conclusion. The farmer, on the remaining mitt responded to respectively case using his psyche and the clout of position. This allowed him to be "response - able, able to respond" to the events, some peachy and bad, that came his way.


The son's cognition was "things arise to us, and nearby is nil we can do in the region of it." The farmer's mental attitude was "things do happen, and then we come about to them. What we do near what happens is the lack of correspondence that makes the quality."


We all have "filters" in our reasoning that establish how we see the planetary.

For the son, he filtered measures into two categories, "this is any respectable for us or bad for us." He had what I hail as "problem filters", sighted merely the bad in events, and how it settled him.

The father, on the opposite hand, had antithetic filters. He had what I beckon "solution filters." Whatever the events, he knew that a medication could be found in both "good fate and bad fortune."

It's similar to the imaginary creature Qui-Gon Jinn, compete by Liam Neeson, says in the recent Star Wars installment once one medication does not work: "......another antidote will award itself." Now that's a medication filter!

While they may not be deserter horses, unsound toughness and Civil Wars, we all have dealings in our lives that can any net us or hairline fracture us. When we send the tools of responding, attitude, and treatment filters to these events, we have a overmuch finer randomness of making them slog for us and thriving as a event.

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